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Events & Broadcasts

Andreas has extensive experience as a moderator of high-level events, panels and broadcasts featuring Heads of States and CEOs.
His background in journalism and business coaching enables him to make complex topics accessible, using simple language and a touch of humor.



Andreas delivers keynotes on some of the most relevant topics of our time, for example on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the social impact of technology, coaching and the art of listening.
He has a reputation as an original and engaging speaker who interacts easily with his audiences, both face to face and online.

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Executive Coaching

Andreas works with senior executives on challenges they face in business and beyond. These can include the transition into a new role, coping with increased responsibilities, managing relationships inside and outside the office, personal growth, as well as effective communication.


Presence & Media Training

Andreas helps leaders build and refine their public presence, including for media interviews.
He provides group trainings and 1:1 sessions. For select clients he supports strategic communications, messaging and crisis communications work, including CEO positioning and ghost writing.


Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt hosts events and broadcasts, delivers keynote speeches and works as a coach and trainer. He supports and advises startup companies through his work with seed funds in London and Munich.

Previously, he acted as corporate spokesperson and worked on communications for financial transactions with a total deal value of US$16bn. He also spent seven years in journalism, as a print and broadcast reporter, receiving the CNN Journalist Award for his international work.

Former employers include Siemens in Munich, JPMorgan Chase in London and Ogilvy & Mather in New York. One of his passions is modern and classical theatre. He enjoys hiking and cycling.

Andreas studied at Munich University and at the London School of Economics; he was trained as journalist at Deutsche Journalistenschule and as business coach at Meyler Campbell (accredited with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, WABC).


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What is coaching?

Many coaches would say: coaching is a space for the client’s very best thinking. But what makes good coaching? And is it truly a new mindset for work, management and life – or just a fad?

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The art of listening

We live in the age of broadcasting: We do TED talks, Podcasts, Blogs. We share our images on Instagram, our success stories on LinkedIn and our cat videos on Facebook. We are pros at sending. But what about receiving? A few thoughts on the endangered art of listening.

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Women for Cyber!

I wanted to speak with Helen Negre and Marta Garcia about Cybersecurity in the Rail Industry. Soon enough, we explored instead why there are so few women in the industry. Time for change!

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Understand the brain to understand the mind. How neuroscience can help us develop and keep good habits (and get rid of bad ones). Context matters more than we think – and here is why that’s bad news.

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I work with leaders who have a voice and who get heard. Having a voice should not be a privilege. That’s why I proudly support the next generation. Actorstudio offers performing arts courses in Bogotá, Colombia. Many of their students don’t have the means to pay for their education.

But they greatly benefit from building confidence and skills which make them more employable – and from finding their voice. I support through coaching and scholarships. Get in touch if you want to support the next generation, too.
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